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Luxury in the lap of Nature

In the tranquil of quietude, we find our ultimate solace. A getaway in the solitude of nature is truly a
path to reconnect, rejuvenate and reinvent. A night spent under the open sky covered with trails of
gleaming stars and the brightness of moonlight and a morning in the misty dews of dense trees and
the cacophony of birds is an aspiration of your soul. Taking a break in the nature generally means
trekking and setting up a tent and giving convenience a backseat. Camping is fun, don’t get us
wrong! But an escapade in the wilderness could intensify itself if combined with your quintessential

Our fast-paced lives in the city have their pros and cons. The fact that we are used to convenience in
our day-to-day life makes it essential for us to have our bare necessities even when surrounded in
the woods. But the idea is to be able to soak in the serenity without any compromises on comfort
and aesthetics. Owning your own magnificent space like a standalone villa loaded with amenities
amidst the greenery and the calming surroundings is idea when you want to take a break from the
mundane and the draining city life.

Now, imagine owning a sprawling villa within the forest- The Forested Villa living at Olive Woods,
Medha! Its literally the best of both the worlds. It is meeting luxury in the realm of nature. Spending
a rejuvenating two days just a few kilometres away from the city with your family is the most ideal
set up for a weekend getaway! Olive Woods located at Medha near Ahmedabad is a community of
150 plots of land spread across 70 acres of land in a forested setting in connection with nature.
Like we told you, the entire planning of the community is done in a way to give you the best of both
the worlds. The common spaces of the community are luxuriously set up within the realm of nature
with a series of pavilions, wetlands, trails, food forests, forest gardens, sports activities and a garden.
What’s more? These spaces are equipped with the best and the latest in ultra-modern amenities.
The entire community is blended with modern amenities and within forested pastures. In our
grasslands we have curated and set up a Butterfly Garden, a community forest garden, a Lily Pond, a
nursery, a Medicinal Garden and a Bamboo Grove. You can explore all these on foot on our walking
trails or feel the exhilaration while riding a bicycle on the bicycle track.

Olive Woods is equipped with a Clubhouse, Sports Complex, a dedicated Gym and a Yoga space,
Swimming Pool, Lawn and a Party Cottage. There is nothing you would feel a lack of. A weekend
amidst the luscious greenery of nature and equipped with state-of-the-art modern-day luxuries for
you and your loved ones to restore and savour the resplendence of life!

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