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The era of the Millennials has led to the rise of living consciously. Eco-friendly homes and Green
Buildings are highly sought after these days. These structures are a worthwhile investment for a
sustainable future. These structures are specially built to lower carbon footprints, reduced
chemical emissions and significant waste reduction. An Eco-friendly home easily falls in the
definition of being more environmentally friendly due to low CO2 emissions, as they are
equipped with energy efficient boilers, water saving systems and quality insulation.

The metro and other mega cities of India have seen the trend of Green Building construction
to preserve natural resources and improve quality of life. A ‘green’ building is a building that, in
its design, construction or operation, reduces or eliminates negative impacts, and can create positive
impacts, on our climate and natural environment. This is the new approach to construction of
residential and commercial landmarks wherein these projects are designed with installations of
performance glass, water-saving and natural lighting fixtures, efficient ventilation and rain water
harvesting. This is futuristic approach to construction ensures that manufacturing, construction,
distribution, maintenance, renovation and recycling procedures are hassle-free and cost-saving than
the conventional method of construction.

Any building can be a green building be it residential, commercial, hospital or a school provided if it
uses energy efficiently, uses a renewable source of energy, has pollution and waste reduction
measures, enables re-use and recycling, uses non-toxic and sustainable materials, environment-
friendly in terms of design, construction and operation.

An aspect to consider and be rest assured of is that sustainable designs and construction does not
mean any kind of compromise on aesthetics or the visual part of the structure. Sustainability can be
easily incorporated with stellar looking structures and luxury. An Eco-friendly home or a Green
Building is an attempt to be conscious towards the environment in terms of leaving lower carbon
footprints. A Green Building does not mean compromising on quality, aesthetics or even luxury for
that matter.

An environment friendly home also comes with of its own benefits. The maintenance costs are lower
and the re-selling price is higher. Such home and spaces are as we all know, a newer concept.
Although, we wish that this new innovative technology backed by sustainability proliferates at
lightening speed, such spaces are relatively novel. But owing to its advantages and its sheer nature
of sustainability there’s a high demand of these spaces. This is a substantial reason behind an
increased demand of eco-friendly spaces resulting in its first owners fetching a high resale price.

The concept of Green Building and Eco-friendly spaces is here to cause a revolution. A green
revolution of its own kind. A collective conscious effort to preserve the environment and our
resources is us nurturing the nature. Once you start making efforts to create a conscious lifestyle for
yourself and for others around you, there is no going back. The fulfilment and the contentment of
embracing a conscious lifestyle is a good addiction to have.

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